Your home’s plumbing isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It’s a complex system of pipes and fixtures meant to work together in order to provide your house or business clean water and safe disposal of waste, among many other things. Plumbing problems, if left unattended, can result in extremely expensive repairs or replacement. So finding a great Dallas plumber should be important any time you’re in need of plumbing services — routine or otherwise.

C & C Slab Leaks and Plumbing built our reputation on providing exceptional plumbing services and customer satisfaction, helping us become the Top Rated Local® Dallas plumbers. We know we’re the best Dallas plumber for you, but we want you to decide for yourself. So here’s your complete guide to choosing a great Dallas/Ft. Worth plumber so know what to look for and how C & C fits the bill!

What Makes a Great Plumber?

When you’re hiring a plumber, you want to find somebody who is both qualified and provides unparalleled plumbing services with the goal of customer satisfaction. Sure, some plumbing you can do on your own at home or work, but many plumbing problems require a professional, trained eye and knowledge base to repair. So what makes a great Dallas plumber? Let’s take a closer look!


Most every state (44 of 50, in fact), require plumbers to carry a license. You should also look for a plumber with a clean record, meaning they don’t have any serious complaints against them. You can visit the Texas state website to find licenses and other information or the Better Business Bureau. Here at C & C, we are an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner — not to brag.


Above all else, your plumber should know what they’re doing. While some plumbing problems are routine and common, others require more knowledge and creativity, which comes with experience. It also helps make the identification and resolution of the plumbing issue so much quicker. We’ve been in plumbing since the mid-1980s and C & C has existed since 1994, for example.


If a Dallas plumber is truly great, then it shouldn’t be hard to find people who are willing to say it! You can ask the potential plumber for references or find them on your own. Either way, make sure they do consistent work and leave people happy and satisfied.


There should be no confusion as to what is happening and how much it will cost when dealing with a plumber. A great Dallas plumber always keeps you in the loop, sets expectations and then follows through on them. They maintain a clean work environment and keep your home’s needs their top priority.

How to Find a Great Plumber

Luckily for us, technology has made finding a great Dallas plumber easier than ever. Simply hopping on your phone or computer can generate lots of strong plumbing candidates, and it never hurts to hear from actual people as well!

Online Reviews

A quick online search can pull up plenty of reviews for you to look at. Keep in mind that not every review is telling the whole story, so instead look for patterns and overall impressions and try not to focus on one specific review — one way or the other.


Asking around to your family, friends or coworkers is still a great way to find strong Dallas plumbers. If you hear the same plumbing company up multiple times, they’re probably worth further investigation!

Types of Plumbers

Lastly, we’ll touch on the different types of plumbers out there. This is based on training, experience and sometimes union association and could be a nice tiebreaker or refining criterium when choosing great Dallas plumbers.

  • Apprentice: This classification is training with a union or nonunion contractor organization. Training is both in the classroom and hands-on work. They typically work alongside more experienced plumbers to develop their knowledge and skills.
  • Journeyman: These plumbers have fulfilled their requirements of apprenticeship and obtained a state journeyman license. They can do most any plumbing work, but don’t operate their own business.
  • Master: This is what we have here at C & C Slab Leaks and Plumbing. Our founder, Pete Noonan, was a journeyman plumber in 1986 and became a master plumber in 1988. We have the deepest knowledge and experience among plumbers and there is simply nothing we can’t handle.

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