Let’s face it. There are plumbing needs and then there are plumbing needs. The nature of plumbing, as with any household essential, will cause it to wear over the years, requiring the need of a plumber at one time or another. But what keeps professional plumbers busy, is the everyday mistakes people make in regards to their pipes and drains that require our assistance. Though we often and quite repeatedly warn folks to avoid the following, we do understand that these visits help keep us busy. So, with just a touch (or a lot) of sarcasm, we’ve included the most-often-made plumbing errors that our team of plumbers in Dallas have to remedy, and hope that you continue to make.

  • Keep throwing everything and anything in that garbage disposal. It’s not meant for nor designed to handle waste like watermelon or pumpkin rinds but we’ll be happy to try to remove them for you as they back up your disposal and bring those blades to a grinding halt.
  • Go ahead and use those differing metals in your DIY plumbing fixes. Without proper connections, trying to use both copper and metal can cause “dielectric corrosion” and erode the metals where they meet. Those pipes will soon build up with corrosion and clog.
  • Continue to treat your toilet like a garbage can. Flush what you don’t want around or find too gross to deal with down the commode. The drain from your toilet is meant to only handle human waste and the paper that is designed specifically for it. Flushing feminine hygiene products, personal wipes, condoms and literally anything else will have you calling a plumber in Long Island to fix the clog in no time.