I highly recommend C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing for any plumbing job that you may think you have because they exceeded my expectations in the way they addressed the problem.

Thinking I just had a clogged drain, I was quoted a substantial four-figured sum for a pipe leak under my slab by another notable plumbing company. I was looking for a second opinion before I called our home warranty company and I was referred by my insurance agent to Pete’s company.

His crew came out and we discussed the situation. Between a couple of what’s, huh’s and why’s, they determined it was just a clog. They cleared it out and the cost was less than the medium three figure sum I was charged by the noteable company to diagnose the “problem.”

I am certainly glad I got a second opinion and got it from C&C….. They are now the 1st opinion in my book and should be the 1st plumbing company you call too!!

-Todd Ramage

Todd Ramage