1. The Three P’s of Plumbing

    Basically it comes down to the three P’s: pee, poop and paper (toilet paper that is). Yes, it seems a bit juvenile but breaking it down to its most elementary seems to work with having people understand what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet. Only those three should ever be flushed. You get rid of anything else in the same manner and you are simply asking for it to come back at you, lit…Read More

  2. Why Septic Tank Cleaning and Maintenance is So Important

    Nobody wants to think about septic tank problems. Nobody. Not only is a backed up or leaking septic tank a nightmare of a mess, but repair or replacement can run into tens of thousands of dollars. Backups and overflow can enter your homes plumbing fixtures, like sinks and toilets. They can also overtake and flood the drain field, covering your yard with unspeakable sludge that can be hazardous to …Read More

  3. Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid This Winter

    Here at C & C Slab Leaks And Plumbing, we're big believers that if you don't know what you're doing with your plumbing, you should leave it up to the Dallas plumbing repair professionals. While we realize that not everyone can be expected to be experts on plumbing, you can arm yourself with knowledge! Winter is in full swing and the temperatures have started dropping. Today we're going to look…Read More