If you are having problems with drains in bathroom sinks, tubs or with appliances like your washing machine, you may be able to fix them on your own. But, you may have a whole house sewer line clog. That is not something you want to fool around with.

You might have a whole house sewer line clog if:

  • You see bubbles when you flush a toilet or when a sink is trying to drain.
  • You see bubbles in drains in other parts of the house after flushing or draining a sink.
  • Multiple drains are beginning to drain slowly all around the same time.
  • Toilets are getting clogged frequently.
  • Repeated snaking of drains does not deliver lasting results.
  • A plunger doesn’t do the trick.
  • You’ve cleaned out drain traps, but are still having problems.
  • You’ve used a chemical cleaner and drains are still not working properly.

And, here’s the kicker. If you’ve tried all of these things, and don’t call in a professional to take care of the problem, the next thing you’re likely to find is sewage backing up into your sinks or showers. Trust us, you don’t want that to happen. Not only is it completely disgusting, but it’ll probably happen when you need to get ready for work and get the kids off to school. Well, there’s no way around it at that point, your day is going to be shot. Be proactive; deal with clogs on your timeline, not on theirs.

Call in the Professionals

The problem is only going to get worse. It could be due to a sludge buildup, someone flushing something they shouldn’t have, bad design of your plumbing system or tree roots invading your pipes. Whatever the cause, you’ll want to address it right away. It’ll only get more expensive and take longer to fix if you wait.

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