For the past 25 years, C&C Slab Leaks and Plumbing has been a proud member of our amazing Dallas community, providing excellent plumbing services on time and within your budget. Our commitment to quality work and unrivaled customer service over the years helped us become the Top Rated Local® Dallas plumber and an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner in 2018.

Our team of licensed, experienced and professional plumbers embody our core values each and every day, supplying amazing experiences for our clients. And while we could spend a fair amount of time telling you what sets us apart, we think it’s best to let actual clients tell you in their own words what it’s like choosing C&C for your plumbing needs.

Today, we’ll run through some of the recent reviews we’ve received so you can hear from people just like you in our Dallas community about their personal experiences with us. Our commitment to customer service and quality plumbing services are primary reasons we have an excellent satisfaction rating, so give us a call today and let our expert plumbers solve your home or business’ plumbing problems!

Recent Reviews

“This is a top-notch plumbing company! My regular plumber wasn’t available and he recommended C&C to take care of a suspected gas leak discovered by Atmos during a pipe/meter replacement. Miles and another gentleman came out and found three small leaks and made all the necessary repairs for a very reasonable cost. They even contacted the city for the inspection and permit and then conducted a quick test in the morning to ensure everything was still good to prevent any fluctuation. The front office staff is also very helpful with questions. I now know who to call when my regular plumber isn’t available. I wish I’d known about them last week when we had a water leak at the meter. I went with a national chain and paid way too much. I cannot recommend these guys more.” — Ben

First of all, Ben, be sure to thank your regular plumber for recommending us. It’s a tremendous honor to not only have the respect of our new and past clients but also from other Dallas plumbers. Slab leak detection is one of the areas that truly sets us apart from other plumbers, and is a specialty of our master plumber and founder, Pete Noonan. We look forward to working with you in the future and appreciate your willingness to recommend us to others. Thank you!

“This plumbing company is knowledgable, always on time and they are honest. They have never tried to upsell me or charge me for things that I didn’t need. If you are looking for the best plumbing company and want peace of mind knowing the job will be done right, do like I did and call C&C. You won’t regret it. Thank you, C&C!” — Bcc093

Wow, what a tremendous compliment. Thank you so much for the glowing review and recommendation, Bcc093. Knowledge, timeliness and integrity are core principles our company is founded upon, so it’s great to hear those core values are upheld in every way. We’re glad to have provided you with peace of mind with our full-service plumbing as well.

“They have very good plumbers.” — Terrie

Simple and straight to the point. We love it, Terrie! We would most definitely agree — our staff of highly-trained and experienced plumbers is equipped to handle any plumbing problems, always making sure customer service and satisfaction come first. Quality plumbing repairs are a necessity, yet, exceptional service is what helps us stand out from the rest. Thanks for your kind words, Tonya.

“Wow! I will have to say, the guys at C&C were great. They showed up on time, did the job, cleaned up after themselves and were polite and professional. I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family. If you’re looking for a great plumbing company, look no further.” — Tonya

Check, check, check, check! This is exactly what we want to hear from each and every client our expert staff of plumbers service in Dallas. We’re proud of the fact that our team sticks around for years because of the family atmosphere we create. This makes a tight-knit group of plumbers, who gain valuable experience and grow to adopt our core values as common practice. Thank you immensely for the kind words to our team, Tonya, and for your willingness to put your name and reputation behind ours!

“I called C&C a few years back to help with a commercial plumbing issue. It was the best call I made. They are now our preferred plumbing company and get to us as soon as possible if we need anything. Call C&C for your commercial and/or residential plumbing needs.” — Mark

Thanks for bringing up a great point, Mark! We handle so much more than plumbing repair for homes. Commercial plumbing is another service we offer, applying the same principles of quality, service and satisfaction on every job. We’re honored to have you continuing business, Mark, and appreciate your glowing recommendation.

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