When it comes to Garland plumbing, there are so many myths to take into account! Thankfully, you can move past these misconceptions with a little facts from your trusted plumber in Garland. Below are some of the most common plumbing myths you will encounter.

Lemons in the garbage disposal: Many homeowners have heard the myth that if you stuff lemons in your garbage disposal, you will both be able to clean the disposal and leave your kitchen smelling fresh. This is not the case, though. If you leave lemons in your disposal, it will create a smell but not the one you’re going for. In fact, lemons can be damaging to your garbage disposal.

To get the waste moving around better in your garbage disposal, pour water into it: A lot of homeowners have heard the myth where if you run water while using your garbage disposal, the waste in there will flush away much more smoothly. This is not true. Actually, many times you will still have to turn off your garbage disposal and reach way into the unit to get rid of any clogs or food jams that occur. All that running water will do is make your water bills go way up as you are actually wasting water here.

Bathroom faucets and fixtures: While soap and water are definitely known for getting your hands and clothes spotless, these items should not be used on your bathroom fixtures and faucets. Instead, you should opt for specialty cleaners. These products are made specifically to clean your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.