There’s simply no way around it. Everybody, and we mean EVERYbody, eventually encounter plumbing trouble and requires the assistance of a professional plumber. Plumbing is one of the most important components to your home or apartment’s structure and function, so maintaining the plumbing and seeking the aid of experienced, professional Dallas plumbers is a critical area.

However, plumbing has often been the pursuit of DIYers all over the world and Dallas is no exception. While there are certain plumbing problems that you can tackle on your own, or at the very least triage initially until expert help can arrive, there is tons of misinformation and myths out there about plumbing. Knowing facts from myths can be the difference in treating a plumbing problem properly or doing further damage as well as missing the opportunity to call a plumber to fix the issue before it worsens and develops into extremely costly repairs or replacement.

Today, C & C Slab Leaks and Plumbing would like to address some of these very common and popular plumbing myths that nobody in Dallas should believe. Some of them might seem silly, but trust us, they made the list for a reason. If you ever find yourself in doubt with plumbing problems occur (or you suspect a plumbing problem), please don’t hesitate to call us as we have more than 20 years of experience and master plumbers to provide you the accurate information and help you need!

  1. Toilets Flush in the Opposite Direction

Despite what you might have seen or heard in pop culture (we’re looking at you, Bart Simpson), no, toilets indeed do not flush in the opposite direction in Australia or places in the Southern Hemisphere. The myth originates from the Coriolis Effect, which essentially affects the spin of natural things like tornadoes, which do rotate in the other direction south of the equator. However, toilets are absolutely not affected by this effect because it’s determined by the jets of the toilet.

  1. Ice Sharpens Garbage Disposal Blades

When you think about it logically, there’s really no way a cube of ice could actually sharpen the blades of anything. For one, blades are stronger than ice, so they’d just cut it up. More to the point, garbage disposals don’t even have blades, so this myth makes no sense however you cut it up. See what we did there?

  1. A Brick in the Toilet Saves Money

This is an extremely popular and utterly absurd myth when it comes to plumbing. Somewhere along the way, people suggested that sticking a brick in the tank of your toilet would help save you money, but all it does it potentially keep your toilet from flushing properly. And we don’t need to tell you what can of disgusting issues you can face when a toilet doesn’t flush the way it is supposed to.

  1. Hot Water Can Prevent Clogs

Hot water is great for cleaning lots of things, but clearing grease and clogs from your drain is just not one of them. Grease, in particular, cools and sticks to the inner surfaces of your pipes and eventually builds up. Hair, food bits, lint and other things that find their way down the drain stick to the grease and far enough away that you couldn’t read them even with a household snake. Only a professional Dallas plumber could reach the clog. Hot water does nothing to change that.

  1. Wipes Are Flushable

Even wipes that claim to be “flushable” are not actually supposed to go down the drain and are a huge culprit for clogging them and causing plumbing problems. Wipes don’t break down in the same way toilet paper does, so they linger in the pipes and catch everything else until a clog forms. Nobody wants to deal with supremely clogged toilets, so keep the wipes out!

  1. Drain Cleaners Are Safe

If at all possible, please avoid using liquid drain cleaners. For one, they use severely harsh chemicals, which may break down your clog, but are also wearing at the inner surfaces of your pipes as well. Call an expert Dallas plumber and let them clear the clog quickly, or if you must do it yourself, use an auger.

  1. Rumbling Water Heaters Will Explode

The chances of your water heater exploding are very small. When you hear strange noises or rumbling coming from your water heater, it’s more likely than not that it requires some cleaning as the sound is caused by a build-up of sediment. Failing to address the noises, however, could lead to premature failure of your water heater, which is expensive to replace, especially depending on the size your home needs.

  1. Flushing All Toilets At Once in a Skyscrapers Destroys It

Maybe you’ve never heard of this one as it does sound pretty ridiculous, but a common plumbing myth is that if all the toilets in a skyscraper are flushed at the same time (seems pretty unlikely, doesn’t it?), then the entire building could crumble. Engineers have thought of everything and considered the possibility of all toilets flushing at once, so they designed the buildings to withstand an event such as that. But most large buildings have multiple plumbing systems, so it would be near impossible for a complete-building plumbing failure.

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