1. The Three Top Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

    Let’s face it. There are plumbing needs and then there are plumbing needs. The nature of plumbing, as with any household essential, will cause it to wear over the years, requiring the need of a plumber at one time or another. But what keeps professional plumbers busy, is the everyday mistakes people make in regards to their pipes and drains that require our assistance. Though we often and quite…Read More

  2. How “Flushable” Are Those Baby Wipes? Really?

    Don’t believe it. Not for a minute. Don’t buy into the hype when those marketing gurus claim that those “personal wipes” that they’re trying to get you to buy are “flushable”. Oh sure, they’ll flush down and through your toilet easy enough, but it’s behind the scenes and within your drains that those increasingly popular wipes begin to make their own mess. Personal and baby wipes…Read More