Here is Why You Should Consider Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting restores your drain to like new.

Over time build up from soaps, waste, and other everyday usage causes build up to accumulate in your drains and the chemicals in products can in time destroy your drains resulting in costly repairs. Grease and oils washed down sinks and tubs are heavier than water and settle at the bottom of the drains that will cause deterioration and blockages. Hydro jetting is the most-effective means of drain cleaning your pipes; removing the build-up without causing damage to your pipes. It’s like taking your drains to the car wash.

In restaurants and other businesses, blockages and back-ups in bathrooms and kitchen lines can be detrimental to maintaining good, quality service. bBut with regular hydro jetting, plumbing lines are kept clean leaving your business running smoothly without smelly or messy interruptions.
Hydro jetting is not only for your sewer drain lines. Pool drains, area drains, roof drains, and down spouts stop up with debris and running a cable down those lines to remove blockages can cause damage to the lines. At C&C Plumbing in Garland, we use rubber hoses with a spraying tip that propels pressurized water through the lines to clean and remove debris and blockages without damaging your plumbing or equipment.

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