The bathroom is the one place that every person visits each day, whether in the comfort of their own home, in public, or at someone else’s home. Not much mind is paid to this activity that is considered a private act. But, just in case you were interested, we have compiled some fun facts about it.

The average person uses the restroom six to eight times a day, which is over 2,500 times a year. Over a lifetime, we will spend about three months on the toilet!
One research study found that men spend significantly more time going to the bathroom than women do over a day’s time. People, in general, spend more time in the bathroom than they do exercising!

More people in the world have cellphones than toilets. There are over seven billion people in the world, of which six billion have access to cellphones. However, only about 4.5 have access to working, flushing toilets!
Speaking of, your cell phone has about 20 times the bacteria of a public toilet handle. 53 percent of people grossly overstate how frequently they wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. One study found that only about 63 percent of people wash their hands after going to the bathroom, and of those, only about 20 percent wash them thoroughly enough to kill bacteria.

While historically, reading was the preferred toilet activity, about 75 percent of people admit to using the cell phone or tablet while on the toilet to talk, text, or surf the internet. Eight percent of people admit to eating while sitting on the toilet.

One survey found that about 40 percent of people neatly fold or wrap their toilet paper prior to use, while the other 60 percent wad it up.

Almost 500 million miles of toilet paper is used in America each year. That’s enough to reach to the sun, and back again! The Pentagon, alone, uses an average of 636 rolls of toilet paper every day! 58 percent of people buy premium toilet paper.

The majority of people prefer their toilet paper to hang over the roll, not under it; and one in five admit that toilet paper hanging the “wrong way” is a pet peeve and they will fix it!

85 percent of bathroom related emergency room visits occur after someone falls, either getting into or out of the shower or tub or fall into a toilet whose seat was left up. Most falls a not related to plumbing leaks, rather dripping hair and not using a handle.

Most bathroom clogs that result in a call to a plumber is caused by something being flushed down the toilet that had no business being in the toilet. Among things found are cell phones, children’s toys, and tennis balls.

70 percent of people admit that they bathroom snoop when they visit someone else’s’ house! And about half the population admits that they put things away and hide what they don’t want to be found before guests arrive. Scientists suggest that it has nothing to do with ill intentions (usually), but rather a natural curiosity and an urge to know someone better.

While everyone uses the restroom, it is not well discussed. About 28 percent of women will discuss “bathroom adventures” with friends, while only 19 percent of men regularly do.

If we all do it, and spend so much time at it, shouldn’t our bathrooms be more comfortable and well-taken care of? If your bathroom isn’t up to par because of a plumbing leak or a trickling toilet. Make your bathroom experiences more comfortable, call your local plumber at C & C Slab Leak and Plumbing for a tune-up today!