Don’t fall for it.

Not for a single minute. Not even just one time.

Don’t buy into the hype that claims that those “personal wipes” are “flushable”.

Oh sure, they’ll flush down and through your toilet easy enough, but it’s behind the scenes, and within your drains, that those increasingly popular wipes begin to make their own mess. Personal and baby wipes do not break down in water in the same way that toilet paper does and they often end up clogging your drains and sewer lines. In fact, a study by the Portland Water District found that baby wipes were the cause of almost a quarter of the clogs in the city’s sewer lines. These clogs are becoming a problem all over the country.

Unfortunately, as Dallas’ premier plumbers, we’ve seen enough of what these wipes and other items do when flushed down your toilet. Though the toilet seems like the perfect receptacle for ridding those items we don’t want to deal with, or have no idea what to do with, it should never be treated like a garbage can. Other common items that we’ve found clogging household drains and sewer lines include paper towels, feminine hygiene products, condoms, cosmetic pads, medical waste, dental floss, diapers and even kitty litter.

Stick to the three P’s for determining if it can be flushed. And if it’s not pee, poop, or paper meant for the toilet, don’t do it. Though we love to be called out to visit you, if you’ve caused your own clogged drain, you won’t be smiling when we show up at your door. And nobody wants that.