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  1. How to Tell if You Have a Foundation Leak

    Foundation or slab leaks is a plumbing industry term that refers to leaks that occur in the plumbing water lines that run below the concrete foundation of a home. These foundation slab leaks can quickly become very costly and cause a lot of damage. Because your entire home rests on your slab foundation, it is important for leaks to be addressed as quickly as they are noticed. However, oftentimes h…Read More

  2. How to Prevent Foundation Leaks

    Foundation leaks can cause big, expensive problems and compromise the structural integrity of your entire home. Afterall, it is the foundation that your home stands on! While you probably didn’t dig the hole or lay your own foundation to ensure it was built properly, there are still some things that you can do as a homeowner to prevent foundation leaks without doing any construction. Follow thes…Read More

  3. Signs You May Have a Slab Leak

    One of the more destructive plumbing issues a homeowner can face is a slab leak. Because a broken pipe under your home's foundation can leak water for an untold amount of time, it's imperative that you, as a homeowner, understand the signs of a slab leak. By foregoing immediate repair, you risk structural and foundation damage, potentially costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars. Here are …Read More