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  1. 6 Times You Should Hire a Professional Plumber

    In the last 20 years or so, access to information at our fingertips has led to the boom of “do-it-yourselfers.” And, at C&C SlabLeaks and Plumbing, we give this movement two very enthusiastic thumbs up. We applaud those who want to solve their own problems, do weekend projects to make their homes unique, and roll up their sleeves to take on the big jobs. However, it should be known that th…Read More

  2. Garbage Disposal Etiquette

    Perhaps it is what the name garbage disposal implies, or perhaps it is because of the way we were raised, but somewhere along the line, garbage disposal etiquette has become a lost art form. This is unfortunate because due to the general disregard we have for our garbage disposals, and the abuse they endure by the seemingly naive sink operator, plumbers’ schedules remain booked with appointments…Read More