Call it our passion for pipes, or our proclivity towards plumbing, but unlike most people we find plumbing to be quite fascinating. Knowing the history and trivia of plumbing, we believe that our chosen industry is endlessly interesting. We’ve put together just a few tidbits about plumbing that might just make you think twice about the world of pipes, drains and fixtures.

  1. The average person spends three years of their lifetime sitting on the toilet.
  2. King George II died after falling off of a toilet in October 1760.
  3. Evidence of indoor plumbing was discovered in the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, dating back t0 2500 BC.
  4. The amount of copper plumbing installed in US buildings since 1963 is equivalent to 5.3 million miles and could encircle the earth more than 200 times.
  5. The Egyptians also used copper pipes.
  6. Ozzy Osbourne was once a plumber’s apprentice.
  7. The slang term “john” used when referencing the toilet is in “honor” of  the inventor of the flushable toilet in 1956 – Sir John Harington.
  8. As recently as 1950, 25 percent of American households still lacked indoor toilets with more than 50 percent of homes throughout the South lacking the indoor luxury.
  9. There exists more than 91,000 miles of water distribution piping in the United States.