Plumbing emergencies are not only a huge inconvenience but can cause a lot of damage and require emergency plumbers to avoid more damage or complications, which can be quite costly. While not all plumbing emergencies can be avoided, several can be by simply using your plumbing system correctly. Here are some simple tips to avoid some common plumbing emergencies.

#1 Respect Your Throne

The toilet is one of the most commons sources of plumbing emergencies. It is likely that it is because it is the most frequently used part of your plumbing system, and probably due the frequent misuse of the toilet. The golden rule of toilet use is only flushing the three P’s: if it is not pee, poop, or (toilet) paper, it does not belong in the toilet. Never flush wipes, paper towels, tampons, or anything else down the toilet, as this can create or add to a clog and cause the toilet water to back-up. A minor clog may be relieved with a standard plunger or drain cleaner, but larger clogs may cause water to overflow out of the toilet and onto your floor.

#2 Protect Your Pipes

It is not just your toilet pipes that should be cared for regularly. All of the pipes in your home should be used to drain water only. You should use caution with what enters all of your drains, and teach your family what they can and cannot let enter your pipes. For instance, your kitchen sink should either be equipped with a garbage disposal or a drain catcher to prevent food from entering the sink drain. Each shower should ideally also have a hair trap that allows bath water to drain while catching hair and other debris that you may attempt to drain. Making sure that only water enters your drains will prevent backups and overflows that prompt families to call an emergency plumber. Make sure everyone in your household knows that pipes are not meant for hanging anything from! They should not be used as monkey bars, a clothesline, or a closet bar extension; never hang anything from pipes. Additionally, inspecting exposed pipes regularly for wear, tear, and leaks is always a good idea. The status of the pipes that you can see is a good indication of the condition of the ones that you can’t see.

#3 Maintain Your Sump Pump

A not-as-common, but-typically-disastrous plumbing emergency is basement flooding. While this can happen when the main water line breaks or as a result of leaky pipes,t it can also result from a failing sump pump. Your sump pump is a mighty machine that requires very little maintenance, but that maintenance should not be forgotten. Your sump pump helps to clear any water or moisture that collects in your basement or crawl space and diverts it away from your house. When this fails, especially during a storm or a water line break, you may find yourself in a home flood. Keep your basement and your home dry, and prevent calling an emergency plumber, by scheduling routine sump pump maintenance during regular business hours.

#4 Mind Your Faucets and Sprinkler Heads

Another common plumbing emergency is flooding either in a yard or backing up into the house caused by damaged faucets or sprinkler heads. The biggest culprit of this damage is preventable trauma. Make sure that care is taken not to mow over sprinkler heads, and that hoses are not pulled away from the faucet while attached. It is also important in colder weather to detach your hose from the faucet once you are done using it to prevent residual water from freezing and bursting the faucet and pipes that lead to it.

Plumbing Emergencies Beyond Your Control

Some plumbing emergencies are completely beyond your control. For instance, a break in your main water line is not only difficult to avoid but can also be difficult to detect until it is an emergency. Issues with city water access, including line breaks, flooding, or no water flow, are potential plumbing emergencies that are also beyond your control and require city water management to correct the issue. Your plumbing emergency in these scenarios would be to control the damage done to your property.

With all this talk of preventing calls to emergency plumbers, it may seem as if all plumbing emergencies are preventable. To a certain extent, they are, but just like with our own bodies, things happen, and that’s why C&C Slab Leak and Plumbing has expert plumbers available at all hours to address your plumbing needs. If you ever experience after-hours plumbing emergencies, do not hesitate to contact your trusted, local Dallas plumber! We can give you an over-the-phone estimate and have our plumbers on the way to your house before the damage increases; that is our commitment to you.