If you suspect you have a water leak a quick way to check yourself is first check the meter with a faucet running, if the dial is turning the meter is operating. Next turn off the faucet and check the meter if there is still movement turn off all the stops in the house and make sure all outside faucets are off and not leaking then recheck the meter. If meter continues to move most likely you have a water leak. If movement ceases after turning off the stops then you probably have a toilet or faucet in need of repair.

We Can Help You Inspect and Determine If Slab Leaks Are Affecting Your Home

Unlike potable/fresh water leaks,  sewer leaks can be present in the plumbing system of a home below the slab with no apparent issues occurring with drainage of the plumbing system. However, this does not mean costly problems are not developing. Over time, slab leaks can cause the foundation to move which can cause cracks and upheavals, resulting in, not only foundation repairs but plumbing repairs as well. Foundation problems can be an indication there are leaks within sewer drain lines. Other more apparent signs of sanitary sewer leak(s) are drains clogging on a regular basis, roots growing in the line, and/or pulling back mud when unstopping a drain line.

Sanitary sewer testing and slab leak detection is done with the use of our colored video camera and inflatable devices to isolate off sections of the line to determine how many leaks there are in the system and the location of the leak(s). By combining the use of the video camera and the inflatable devices we can not only locate breaks in the line but are able to detect cracks in the pipe as well. Once the leak(s) are located we have the information needed to provide you with the best method of repair. As with water leaks we can provide different options of repairing. We can penetrate or trench through the slab to access the line or there are less invasive methods that also prevent the cost of flooring replacement of tunneling under the foundation, rerouting the line(s), or pulling new pipe through the existing pipe.

In 1994 when Pete started working as C&C Plumbing and Home Repair he began working for insurance companies and in time mastered the process of testing and locating potable/fresh water leaks and sanitary sewer leaks below slab level. He has also personally trained our plumbing technicians that perform our leaking testing, locating, and video inspections.

Potable water or fresh water leak testing is done by inducing air into the water system and sing equipment to trace out and locate where the leak is below slab. Indications of a water leak can be water coming up through the floor, an upheaval in the floor, or high water bills. A warm spot in the floor can be a symptom of a hot water leak below slab. Once the water leak is located we will provide an estimate to repair. In many instances we can provide different options to repair such as penetrating the slab, tunneling under the foundation or rerouting line(s) overhead. Rerouting a line overhead not only repairs the leak but eliminates the possibility of another slab leak on that line in the future. Call today for details of how you could have your water leak located for free.

Remember not all companies can complete the locating of slab leaks or repairs.


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