Tree roots are a leading cause of plumbing pipe damage

Trees are living things and they don’t really care whether your pipes are in the way of their survival or not. They’ll grow around and through your pipes, cracking them and choking off flow completely.

If you suspect that your tree roots have damaged your pipes, don’t want to call an expert. A leak caused by a small crack is going to be a lot easier and less costly to repair than a pipe that’s completely clogged by tree roots or cracked wide open.

Avoid costly plumbing repairs with OblitiRoot

Oblitiroot contains Dichlobenil which kills tree roots and prevents new root growth.  Dichlobenil is readily absorbed on organic and inorganic colloids in pipe joints to provide residual control of root re-growth.  New root growths formed outside the pipe joints are inhibited in growth when they come in contact with Dichlobenil inside the pipe.  Oblitiroot will not hurt your trees.  When treatment used in conjunction with the electric sewer machine cleaning will remove all your roots from your sanitary sewer and carries a full two year warranty from blockages caused by root growth.  If your sewer stops up due to roots within two years of treatment we will unstop and retreat your line for free.

As an optional plumbing service by our expert techs at C&C Slab, we apply Oblitiroot to both residential and commercial plumbing systems in order to help you avoid the costs of repairing pipes damaged by tree roots. Call us for more information today.